About our Club

Within the last 52 years of our existence as a Lions Club, our members have helped to raise in excess of £375,000 for the causes that we support

A friendly club

Ordinary people, amazing things.

The New Milton Lions Club is a friendly club of some 31 members currently and open to all ages over 25 years of age. We always welcome new members who have time to participate in worthwhile community projects, attend our meetings and enjoy our lively social activities. We have a mixed membership and a huge number of spouses and others who join in many of our activities.

Recently, four members of The Lymington & Brockenhurst Club which regrettably had to close as a result of declining numbers, have joined the New Milton Club and they are already  playing an active part in their new Club.  As a result of our new members, our Club now covers the areas of Lymington, Brockenhurst and Lyndhurst and as time goes by, we will hope to get involved in areas outside of New Milton more frequently.

Whilst the Lions Club of New Milton has a serious underlying purpose in life, - 'To Serve' - our Members have a lot of fun at our meetings and in working within our local Community and beyond.

Some our Ladies pulling pints on a visit to the Ringwood Brewery 

When we meet

 The Club meets twice monthly on the second and fourth Mondays of the month starting at 8:00 p.m., however there is no obligation to attend every meeting. Social and other events, when possible are usually on a Friday Evening. A Bar is available to meet earlier and to join fellow Lions in a convivial atmosphere.

Sometimes meetings will include a brief Presentation by a local community group, charity or individual who might be seeking support from the Lions Club. Whilst there is a serious purpose to the Business elements of our Meetings, we have a lot of fun debating the issues and making the necessary decisions.

Where we meet

     The New Milton & District Rugby Club

Normans Way, Off Ashley Road,  New Milton.  BH25 5FN